Iejima beef, which is from Iejima Island in the north of Okinawa, has no pollution on the island, and the environment is quiet. The cow can be accommodated in nature. Because each cow has the right amount of exercise, the meat and oil ratio is even, it's a memorable one!


Motobu beef is in the field of Motobu-cho (もとぶ町), with unique fermented feeding and modern technology cattle breeding. The meat have special flavors.


Our store has an irregular supply from Japanese islands wagyu.

Kobe beef, matsusaka beef and Omi beef, which are known as the three big Japanese beef, will also appear on our menus from time to time!

Of course, hida beef, ozaki beef, Yamagata beef... and various parts of the cow will also appear on our menus from time to time!

It is our belief to taste the Okinawa and search for the best Japanese beef in Japan!


Kobe Beef

[kobe beef] Sirloin Steak 14000円 (+税)

[kobe beef] Ribeye Steak 13000円 (+税)

[kobe beef] Super premium loin 7000円 (+税)

[kobe beef] Premium loin 4800円 (+税)

Ishigaki ,  Motobu Wagyu

[Ishigaki beef] Sirloin Steak 9500円 (+税)

[Ishigaki beef] Ribeye Steak 8500円 (+税)




[Motobu beef] Ribeye Steak 5000円 (+税)

[Motobu beef] Loin1800円 (+税)

[Kin Agu Pork] Loin ¥890(+税)

[Kin Agu Pork] Pork Belly ¥890(+税)

[Kin Agu Pork] Sausage ¥890(+税)

Beef Stew .  ¥680(+税)

Cabbage Kimchi .  ¥390(+税)

Assorted Kimchi Platter ¥490(+税)

Assorted Vegetable ¥580(+税)

Caesar Salad   ¥780(+税)

Tofu and Seaweed Salad .  ¥680(+税)

Seafood Platter  ¥590(+税)

Grilled Foil Warp Chicken ¥590(+税)

Grilled Foil Warp Mushroom ¥390(+税)

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Gokujougyu is use Japan mainland and okinawa wagyu shop.

We keep to looking for the best beef not just in Okinawa island but also in Japan mianland. we hope to service the best wagyu to our customer


We provide okinawa  named wagyu Ishigaki beef, Iejima beef, Motobu beef


Ishigaki beef was once one of the main dishes for dinner at the G7 Summit in Okinawa in 2000. The stone yak is a treasure among black hair and cattle. The production of Ishigaki beef is not as much as that of Japan's main island, and the quality of Ishigaki beef steak is synonymous with quality!


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